Buzzing from Marantz PM-66SE KI Signature Amp


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Hi all

Just noticed a problem with the above. I get a buzzing noise from the right hand channel of this amp whether I use my speakers or my headphones. The buzzing does not increase in volume when I turn up the volume. it is always present no matter what input I select. (I've discounted hum from the turntable as this noise does occur on any input even when the turntable is stationary)

It is also present whether or not I select source direct. I haven't yet checked the connections round the back although I would think the fact the noise is present on all inputs discounts a bad connection and must be the amp itself?

The fact is I love this amp ever since I bought it in 2000, is it worth a repair if that's possible or can any one recommend a modern equivalent.

I need an input for a turntable as well as minidisc, cassette deck, cd player and tuner. I need to be able to dub across from minidisc to cassette and vice versa.

On the other hand, is there something obvious that I've missed?:lease:


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Try disconncting and reconnecting all you inputs, which should clean them up. If your not using banana plugs, restrip the speaker cables. If this doesnt have an effect, try disconecting all the inputs and turn it on with only speakers connected. Is it still there?

Always try the basics first, but assuming it's faulty it should be repairable.


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Thanks Clarky

Well, I've tried everything you said and there is still the buzz from the right hand channel. I did notice that the same frequency buzz can be heard from the transformer on the amp from about six inches. I can't recall hearing it when new so I presume it's not normal?

I notice from your profile that you hail from the Nottingham area (same as me). Is there a reputable repairer that you know of? I bought this amp from Superfi on Market street in Nottingham back in 2000. I purchased an extended warranty and of course it's gone wrong after this period.:rolleyes:

Do you think I should get it repaired or should I treat myself to a Marantz 7001 KI Signature? The former will be less expensive and more acceptable to my other half. (Boy's toys and all that)



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I've treated myself to a new Marantz PM 7001KI amp as I found out that the buzzing indicates that my present amp will go DC at some time and blow the speakers.

It was £50 off in the Superfi sale.

Cheers all


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