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Buzzing from DM602?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by bundy, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. bundy


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    I am looking at buying some speakers and an amp for about £500, and today I went and demoed the B&W DM602's plugged into a rotel ra-01 at my nearby hifi shop. I was pretty dismayed when I put in 'Protection' by Massive Attack to be greeted by a clear buzzing sound from each speaker on the opening bass notes as if something was loose on the speakers - definitely physical and not electronic, and nothing to do with distortion. Can anyone confirm/deny/explain this? Maybe the shop's set had been abused? I would expect much more from 'proper' speakers!

    Also, any recommendations for similar kit to try out for the same sort of price? I am already looking to try out a NAD 320BEE. I am looking for pretty decent bass extension, but I am planning to add a sub later. The only hifi kit I own at the moment is a pair of Grado SR80s, and I like their overall 'sound', although some more detail and smoother treble would be nice... so now I'm after some speakers to live up to the grados :)

    Sorry for the long post..

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