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Hi everyone,

I have a 240 volt NAD C316BEE V2 amplifier that I brought with me when I moved to the US. I bought a 500 watt Litefuze voltage converter (the amp is 40 w per channel so 500w is ample) in order make it work here. However, I find I'm getting a buzz / hum and I think the voltage converter is to blame.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Any thoughts on how to mitigate, short of buying a new amp?



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Is the hum coming through the speakers or from one of the units? The distinction is critical. Also it is a buzz or a hum (or both)? Here too the distinction is critical.

If it's a hum (not a buzz), coming through the speakers (not from a unit), it is likely a ground loop. The Litefuze are fully grounded, so if the Litefuze and all 110V devices are using the same socket, it ought to work without a ground loop. Is there a cable TV device connected to any of the system.

If the hum or buzz is coming from a unit, get the unit serviced. If it's a buzz through the speakers, start by listing every piece of connected equipment and eliminating everything PC/Mac-like from the system.
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Thank you very much, Mark. I will check this tonight when I get home and try what you prescribed depending on where it's coming from. Will report back. Appreciate your answer!

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