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Got a Phillips 9617 and despite the peculiar geometry and its tendency to bend the pic when the screen is bright, it's worth it for Pixel Plus! An exceptional picture! But...... I have an annoying BUZZING noise coming from the back of the set. Not a hum, or slight whistle - those we're all used to and expect. This is a Buzz. Now an engineer visited and said that this is perfectly normal. Something to do with cbles or wiring around the tube. Now is that the case? Other Phillips sets I've looked at in stores don't buzz like this. Is there anything that can be done? Any engineers out there who can help?


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Well, my 9617 (32") doesn't buzz at all. Me thinks you should make more of a fuss if it bothers you! The closest person we have to a Philips engineer is Zacabeb... he may even be a Philips engineer! He may have some practical suggestions.

The "peculiar" geometry can largely be cured (mine's good now, aside from a slight downward bend at the bottom LHS) and the bending caused by poor power regulation (common to all mainstream CRTs) can be minimised if the contrast and brightness are set-up carefully.

If you need any help, I'll be glad to give you any info you require. ;)

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