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Buying your PS4


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Hi, so it has got to the point that I am looking at all the offers and I am not sure which to go for.

Can I ask, what bundle did you go for and over all are you happy with your choice or do you now wish you had chosen a different one, if so, why ?


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I believe you'll find most on here have a launch PS4 and the level of happiness depends on one's genre of games . Good time to jump in though with watch dogs, Wolfenstien and Sniper Elite on the horizon and with PS pushing WDs I would expect a PS4 WDs bundle although I've not seen one as yet...but not really looking.


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i got the launch one with killzone , which iv still got to finish
up graded bf4 from ps3 to ps4 , which i cant stop playing ,
also have need for speed rivals , only played few hours on ,
got tomb raider again and loved it even more on the ps4 along with thief which i need to start

looking forward to "the last of us" remake,
might pick up watchdogs , not sure yet !

on a whole, very happy with ps4 and what games i have ,


I got the KZ Mega Bundles purely because it worked out cheaper than buying the extra DS4 and Camera separately.

My copies of KZ are still in their wrappers lol. :/


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I just bought the basic PS4... and Battlefield 4 separately.

It's probably more important where you buy it from. I bought from Tesco, and they refused to replace a faulty controller after 28 days. I should have bought from John Lewis, where I've never had any problems when I've had to return faulty goods.


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When I decided I wanted a PS4 and they were hard to find before Chrsitmas, I settled on Sony's Killzone bundle and managed to get one at Argos and bought BF4 with it, as they were doing this with money off.

Ideally, I really wanted Sony's big bundle, because it was great value for money with a console, two controllers, camera, and Killzone for £429.99 compared to console and one game bundles for £399.99, but I could never find it in stock anywhere near where I live at the time.


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Hi mate, I bought the Mega Bundle at launch from Amazon with 2 controllers, camera and killzone. Despite the negativity around Killzone I thought it was a good fun game and the graphics are outstanding.
Although I've jut picked up Infamous Second Son and can't get off it, love this game and again graphics are top class. I'm sure you can pick up a Second Son bundle if you shop around for a good deal.
hotukdeals is showing some for £299 and theres some great deals to be had if you look around.


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I got the Killzone bundle after Christmas as I wasn't in a particular rush to get one at the time.

I chose the Killzone one cos I wanted to play the game and show-off to myself the next gen graphics. While the game is probably the best looking game out there, actual gameplay wise it's a bit of a duffer.

InFamous is a better game and looks very good too, so perhaps a bundle with that might work out better, or wait for a Watch Dogs bundle.


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Hi thanks for the replies, I nearly got the Imfamous Second Son bundle but not sure about that game, have since watched a couple of reviews and it does seem fun! but would also like assassins creed BF but might get that on PC.

This is looking quite tempting at the moment! >ClickMe<

and this >ClickMe<

wonder if they would allow me to change the Rayman Legends for something else as i already have it on PC.


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I just bought my PS4 from Tesco Direct Click & Collect (picked it up the next day) for £329 (with a voucher code on their website that may have run out now) including a 2 year warranty.

I wanted to go for a bundle but 2nd hand game prices seem to be tumbling and I couldn't find one that was cheaper than I could get the console and the games second hand. Bought 3 games and a controller on here and saved a fair amount!


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