Buying US Spec 300D/Rebel......


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Off to California for holiday in a few weeks, and due to the weakening dollar, a Canon 300D/Rebel is looking eversooo cheep!!!!!

Does anyone know if there are any probs buying a US spec model, for example, is the charger universal voltage etc?

Plan to pick one up early during my visit (along with accessories), so I can post receipts home and lose the packaging, so as not to get stung for duties coming home, but guess the warrenty will be void outside the US anyway?


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I would phone and ask Canon UK but bare in mind they will be biased... I think that Canon do worldwide warranties but I would check it first. Good luck and tell us how you get on. Don't forget the compact flash card...


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Why not look at the Nikon D70 - much better bulid quality than the Canon and early reports suggest better performance too.


That's a very controversial statement witters! ;)

One of the longest running arguments in photography circles is the Canon vs Nikon. Never will be resolved either....



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If you don't mind being locked into Sigma lenses, (a lot of which are excellent) you should have a look at the SD10, which IMHO blows the 300D out of the water PQ wise. Haven't printed any shots from the D70 yet, so i can't really say.

I'm a cheap git though so i'm trying to save up for an SD9 (older model) before they disappear.


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I keep forgetting just how 'cut back' the 300D is. I have an Eos 30 which is a serious piece of gear, the 10D is more or less its digital equivalent. Having re-read the spec its a bit of a shame how much they have hobbled the 300d. Still its a canon dslr and that means it takes Canon USM lenses which are fantastic.

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