Buying SkyHD Box - can I watch recordings on old Sky+?


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Hi folks,

I'm looking to buy a SkyHD box via ebay. At the moment I have loads of programmes still on Sky+. They're recorded mainly from FTA channels (BBC1, BBC2 & CBeebies).

If I buy a SkyHD box and pair my card with the new box, will I still be able to watch the existing recordings on my old box?

I've tried removing my card from my current box, but when I try to play them back it tells me to insert the sky card......




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Recordings are actually paired to a specifc card so you will be able to watch them assuming you still subscribe to the channels they were recorded from but you will have to take your card out of the hd box and put it back in your sky+ while you play back. this will of course leave your sky hd without a card and unable to view anything while you do so.


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No problem but I have to tell you having done it myself it isn't that convienient. I would recomend if you can transfering your recordings off the sky+ onto dvd, vhs etc.

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