Buying second hand DVD's?



A new shop has recently opened in the town I work in.
Apart from computer games it also sells second hand DVD's

Some of the prices are pretty good.

What experiences have people had? Good/Bad.

Is it worth the risk?

Also I have to say places like Woolworths and WH Smith are regularly selling decent DVD's from £5 or more. Is it me or are DVD's getting cheaper. (not that I am complaining?) :)

Racquel Darrian

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I buy a lot of used DVDs and in my experience it is very rare to buy one that isn't scratched!

It would seem lots of DVD users have no idea how to handle a DVD properley!

But if you do get one that jumps then the shop will usually refund you no questions asked!

Your player make will be very important to determine if a scratched disc will play OK or not!

What jumps to hell on my Samsung 709 will play fine on my Pioneer 360.


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I'm sure you've taken a look in the trading forum - most of the time the disks you'll buy from other members are in a very good state, looked after by people who know they're gonna swap them on and generally newer movies and special editions.

Plus of course if your player is multiregion you can get movies that are not for sale yet in local stores.

Check it out its a great way of keeping the costs down. :smashin:


Iain Shields

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If your intending to buy 2nd hand dvd's from that shop in your town, just ask to inspect the disc before you buy it... can't see why they wouldn't let you, especially as they're 2nd hand.


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