Buying Samsung from Currys online...will stores sort any problems?


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I'm thinking of buying the Samsung R73BD 40 inch LCD which is on offer at Currys. By ordering online and using various discount codes I can get the price down furthur. However, I was wondering, if I order the TV online and have any problems, can I return it to a Currys store for replacement etc?

Just a thought.


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No the store wont sort your problems as when i bought with currys online i dealt with whatever-happens only! over the phone.

I know you can get it abit cheaper online but my advice would be to buy in store as you can then go back as much as you please and they are much more willing to help when your face to face.

Besides most currys stores you go into now will let you pricematch online anyway so you can go into the shop and simply buy it online in their store, this is then classed as buying instore! even though all you have done is buy online!

My local curries pricematch with the empire direct website! my advice would be to buy from another reputable website and then isnure it with domestic and general assumming your talking about a tv.


i can give u some advice here
you can get best of both worlds
i know for a fact that the currys store WILL match their web site
ive done it many times
better to get it from the store to take back if need be


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I work for the superstore in question, and while technically the store is obliged to deal with internet purchases most stores are reluctant to do this.

The reason for this is that stores are increasingly becoming disgruntled with undercutting their prices despite the fact that technically they are the same company and the staff advertise the website on their uniforms.

As regards to price matching, if the item is a 'reserve and collect' item and the store has them in stock then many stores are more than happy to match it, because in theory it costs them no discount. Despite being told directly by head office not to do this.

However because staff get payed out on margain (how much profit they make the company) rather than actual pound notes sales some stores won't match. It is in the end a matter of manager discretion.

Basically the company want as much money lining their pockets as humanly possible.


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Hey guys...thanks for your replies.

Yes, I do have to take a HUGE gulp before I buy anything from Curry's. However, I've had my fingers burnt by a number of online retailers in the past and Curry's aren't any worse. To be honest, these days Curry's stores are just glorified showrooms. Have a look at your goods then buy online.

The thing is, NONE of my local Curry's will pricematch. The TV in question is £799 instore and online (Samsung LE40R73BD 40"). However, thanks to a post on here, I have entered two discount codes which brings the price down to £693.49. Further to that I have linked to the item via 'Quidco' which gives a further £21 back and then finally I get points from my credit card of £5. This basically brings the price of the TV to £667.49. It's free delivery too. Even the cheapest of the cheap web retailers cannot get anywhere near this price. The cheapest I can find it anywhere else is £709.10.

The stores will just not match this price.

Well, if there is a problem I will go to the store and try to get them to sort it out. I think they should. I've ordered it now...couldn't resist the price.

Anyone else have any experience.

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