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I have just had a new bathroom fitted and put 2 Kef Ci50R's in the ceiling.
I have them connected to speaker wires with the wires currently dangling in a cupboard.
The question is what shall I put in the cupboard.
I would like to have something that can play internet radio, stream music from my pc and be able to play CD's (for non technical family members) also a way to be able to connect the speaker wires.
I would like to try and keep the cost under 250 pounds.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Well a Squeezebox would do 2 out of 3, but you would still need an amp. Not sure you're going to get a one box streamer and CD player unless you're going to stick a wifi PC in the cupboard. Then you're probably looking at more than £250 and you need some way of controlling it by remote...

Are streamers more complicated than CD players? But if you must have a CD player then you really may as well do away with the streaming requirement and have a boom-box CD/radio with speaker terminals.


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this is what i have been after

i have found the denon s52 as a one box solution

ebay for under £200

ash .


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I'll get me coat.


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Denon is nearly perfect, except dont really need DAB, but it is too big for the space I have.

Any ideas without a CD player?

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How are you planning on letting the family control music selection and volume control?

Where is the cupboard?



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Cupboard is head height in the Bathroom, will control manually or with remote, depends on what piece of equipment I get.

I am starting to think it may be easier to get a Micro CD player with aux input and add a squeezebox, I can then just use the CD player as the amp as well.
Is there any benefit to getting DAB on the Micro CD or can you just get all the channels on the internet radio anyway?


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Is there any benefit to getting DAB on the Micro CD or can you just get all the channels on the internet radio anyway?
No benefits, the squeekbox gives all the DAB channels, and a shed load more, plus a lot of play agains lie BBC Iplayer.
Also access to last FM, and Napster, more than enough for some bath time choonz.....

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