Buying Projector .. Help with Accessories Plz :)



Ok, I have decided to buy either a Sanyo PLV-Z3 or Sanyo PLV-Z4. I know that if I want the Z3 I will have to act quick, but I will probably end up getting the Z4. Quick questions...

I have:

Sony DVP-NS975V Upscale DVD Player
Motorola DCT6400 DVR / HD Cable Box

Will be getting:

New Reciever / Speaker System (Haven't decided on it yet)

I'd like to be able to connect all of these deviced to the Projector at once and be able to use a remote of some sort to switch to any device that I would like to use. My questions are:

1.) What type of switch / device would I need to get to control these devices?
2.) Would the picture look better with HDMI Cables for the DVD Player, Cable Box, and PC? And what type of device would I need to get to control these different sources with one HDMI input on the PJ?
3.) And what type of cables would I need to convert RCA to Component Video ? And if I were to get one of these switches that allow you to connect multiple RCA / Component devices to it, would I need to convert the RCA to Component before or after the device?
4.) More importantly, if my PC has DVI out on it, what type of device / cable would I need to convert DVI to HDMI to be compatible with my PJ?

These are some of the questions off the top of my head. If someone sees anymore need to add in cables / accessories that I have not recognized, please feel free to let me know!

Thanks in advance :)
ok, im not sure exactly what connections you have on the back of the PJ, but if you buy a decently specced A/V receiver amp then you will find you can plug most things in to it and then send a cable or two to the PJ...

i think the cheapest with HDMI switching is the newly coming out Denon 3806, i assume retailing around £1, will let you plug in two HDMI sources and then send those via HDMI to the also has many composite (RCA) and S-Video inputs available, all of which can upconvert to Component, which you then send to the PJ by Component this way you keep all your equipment together, and only need one box with 2 cables going to the cant upconvert to HDMI from other sources tho if i remember right, so you will need 2 cables.....

if this is above and beyond your budget, then you need a cheaper amp that allows you to upconvert composite and s-video to component and send one component to the amp, but you will have to send your HDMI sources direct to the PJ, this will mean if the PJ only has one HDMI input, either swapping the cables over when you want to switch sources (not much fun) or accepting that you will have to use the component outs or s-video outs on one of the HDMI sources instead...

with the computer, its probably best to send directly via DVI or VGA to the projector.....otherwise option is to get a DVI or VGA to component adaptor (assuming your graphics card supports it) then send signal to receiver amp, then to PJ..but this will lose you some quality and be more cabling than necessary....
just reread what u said, on the last question, i'm not sure you can convert from DVI to HDMI for computer use.....i tried using an adaptor for DVI-HDMI, with a HDMI cable, then HDMI to M1 (the Infocus multi-standard port)...and it didnt if it was the adaptors at fault or what, but i coudlnt be bothered to fork out a fortune on a decent DVI-M1 cable as i paid out already on stuff, so i got a decent VGA cable, and to be honest, its perfectly good feeds a lovely 720p signal to my PJ....

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