Buying Panny DMR-EH50 in the morning - need cabling advice

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Saxon, Oct 21, 2005.

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    Hi gents,

    I'm off to buy a Panasonic DMR-EH50 in the morning and would like advice on how best to connect it up to my Yamaha AX750se and NTL Pace box.

    I'd like someone to sanity check what cables I think I need as I don't want to buy the wrong ones.

    1.Optical digital cable from EH50 to Yamaha for optical Dolby digital etc (Panny lacks co-ax digital out)

    2.Yamaha AX750 has two component inputs for progressive scan feeds. One is already in use for my Harman Kardon DVD player but the other one is labelled DTV/Cable - can I use this or not with the Panny?? Ideally with two DVD players capable of outputting progressive component I'd like to couple both up to the progressive inputs on the Yamaha.

    3. The Yamaha processor has no scart inputs and just takes composite, s-video, and red and white audio feeds. The NTL box and the video recorder use Scart connections so currently I'm using scart to RCA phono/composite cables between the JVC video, NTL cable box and the Yamaha AV amp. Do I need to use the same sort of cables between the Panny DVD recorder and the Yamaha ie Scart to three RCA phono cables to enable the panny to record and playback non-progressive scan sources? SHould I use a single scart to 6 RCA phono connection? Should I try and use S-VHS?

    Would be very grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks,


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