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Buying Original XBox

Turbo Dragon

Active Member
Hi All,

In a moment of genius I have bought a Steel Batallion controller :rotfl:

So I now need an original XBox to play it on. I have always been a big Playstation gamer but never gone for the Xbox so know little about them.

I'm trying to get a grip on the following:

Are there spec differences beteween the black/crystal/green ones and which one to go for?

What to look out for with known problems etc.?

Any hardware differences (controller/AV Outputs/networking)?

I would like to find a mint condition and get the best picture/sound out of it, which seems to be via MS XboX HighDef AV connector?

Anything else to be aware of with Xbox 1 ( I think thats the correct term for them?!)

Any help appreciated to bring me into the warm bosom of MS love! :D

Si :cool:


Distinguished Member
theres no real difference in either of them, other than how they look.
you would need to get a decent component cable though and mod it to really get the best out of it for movies etc.
but happy hunting, theyre still such a great little machine.
you could always try a local CEX or something to try to pick up one as shipping costs will be more than the console probably.
alternatively, try asking in the gaming for sale section here and maybe you could pick a console up with everything already done

Turbo Dragon

Active Member
Cool, thanks for the pointer. So component is the way to go for picture?

I'm not fussed about the movie posting as iv got various bluray/dvd players already.

I will keep an eye out for mint ones, I know cex grade them so will have a mooch.

I noticed the xbox is specced with digital audio output, are there many games in 5.1 or was it just for dvd playback?

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Distinguished Member
theres plenty of games with 5.1 audio
theres not many that go higher than 480p though, i think thats the resolution. but saying that, you do get a huge improvement with a component lead on a plasma/lcd etc over the scart lead

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