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I’m hoping that I’m not on my own with my experience with Crampton & Moore.

Ordered a TV from them on Black Friday and received my sales invoice straight away.
On the invoice it said delivery would be 3-5 working days.

Since then I’ve heard nothing.
No follow up emails, phone call, nothing.

Never experienced that before when buying a high value item from anywhere else before.
Always received follow on emails or phone calls to update me on the status of my order or tell me of any delays.

Tried chasing things up on Monday afternoon by phoning them and
I was slightly concerned to be told that the TV I’d ordered was due to be delivered by the manufacturer to them that day (when ordering the website was showing as ‘In Stock’.

I’m sure you can appreciate having a delivery date is required so someone can be at home to actually receive the delivery.
(Both myself and SWMBO work full time and don’t have the type of jobs you can nip out of for a couple of hours to take delivery of a parcel.

Has anyone who’s bought online from them had the same experience??

If so, did they come good or did it turn into a nightmare?


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I should add that I tried the online chat yesterday and was told that the operator I dealt with would email me updates with regards my order.

Haven’t had anything yet.......

Starting to feel a bit fobbed off.


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Just received an email from them.

Are they watching me??? [emoji45][emoji45][emoji45]

Email was a s follows.

The stock all arrived today, we have txt on the website due to the huge volume of orders that deliveries will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Orders will take up to 7 working days to deliver, please call the Stores for further details

Deliveries will be confirmed as soon as possible.

We are working though these today & BJS the courier we use will contact you shortly, probably tomorrow to confirm delivery day.

Apologies again for the delay in processing the order, we are working as quickly as we can.



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Sorted then.You can possibly thank Black Friday as that delays things delivery and communication wise.


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Think they’ve been inundated with people buying E7’s by the looks of it.

Now I know the score with regards delivery I can rest easy.

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