Buying new tv how to link the arcam avr550


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It’s been a long time but I am replacing my kuro and have a question which may seem simple.

My avr550 with my other boxes in a different room to my tv linked via 2xhdmi cables.

I have been feeding my avr550 audio from my audio equipment, and tv and tv apps via shield pro.

Now the new TVs are smart - how do I connect them to the avr550?

Do I simply use the tv output via one of the hdmi cables back to the arcam bearing in mind one is hdmi 2.1 the other not? or are their better options. I would like the best quality sound possible.

Joe Fernand

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Your AVR is ARC capable - you can try using the ARC HDMI socket on the TV to send TV audio to the AVR ARC socket.

ARC requires you to enable CEC on the AVR and TV which can be flaky at times - if it is you will then revert to using Optical Digital Audio from the TV to the AVR.

For some streaming services you may find an external device such as an ATV 4K is more capable than the TV Apps.



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Thanks joe

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