Buying new monitor - need speaker advice


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I intend on buying a new monitor for my Xbox 360, an Acer 19" TFT, anyway it doesn't have any in-built speakers and I was wondering what would be the cheapest way to get well... any sound. It doesn't need to be 5.1 or anything so extravagant, just something that will work with the new monitor and that won't break the bank. :)


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Are you sure that you are looking for THE cheapest way to get sound? If so, get an old pair of desktop speakers from eBay for about £1, then get a small 2-RCA to 3.5mm lead or adapter and plug it in :D

WARNING: The above is not advised if you have any sense of what sounds good or not.


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I'm not familiar with the 360, but if it's only audio outputs are the red and white phonos, then you'll need a lead to convert them to a 3.5mm jack. Some higher end speakers will have phono inputs, but most normal PC speakers will only have the 3.5mm jack.



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Thanks for your replies!

Considering they're PC speakers, would I still need to buy a 2-RCA to 3.5mm lead?
The official VGA cable comes with a 2-RCA to 3.5mm (male) adapter, although given the length and position of the 2-RCA out, you'll likely need a 3.5mm coupler and a lead to get to the sub. Hope that makes sense.


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I got a packard bell from pc world only £139[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfeaddjjilgkddcflgceggdhhmdgml.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=984048&category_oid=-27763 2x vga 1x dvi speakers not great but ok for windows sounds no dead pixs there is a bit of back light bleed on blacks but for the price i can live with. it looks like a Hyundai ImageQuest N91W has a great pic i went from a 17 sharps tft have been playing xbox games and cs on the pc all look fab very happy. :thumbsup:

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