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    Hello to all.
    I've just joined to the forum, even though I was keeping up with theforum. After reading the discussions, I really need your thought about hdd/dvd recorder. I am stuck between toshiba xs32,sony hx1000 and panny e95.
    I know each of it has their own pros and cons.

    let me tell you what I need..
    *basically i will record thing from tv tuner and satellite and record it to dvd to play in other dvd players( so compatability is a big issue)
    * I also prefer good editing ( sonys worst part)
    * multi disk is preffered
    * i link connection for my minidv cam

    panny e95 i dontwant because i guess i cant rewrite ti -R and RAM is incompatible with other dvd player. Am i right??

    sony has very few editing which i dont prefer

    toshiba has 80gb but it seems a better alternative..

    what do you guys think..

    or should iwait for panny eh50? is it much better than toshiba xs32 you thiink?

    the bad part is that it seems eh50 doesnt have a DV connection. Am i right? Is it that important? Cant i just connect the cam through S-video or normal video in?

    Thanks for your helps...

    Lastly When is eh50 gonna hit to the shops? Is it possible to import it from france or germany?
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    You are right that the Sony is the most limited in editing function. Though depending on what you want to do, that might not be an issue. Owners report it is an excellent quality machine.

    The Panny E95 can record to DVD-R, just not DVD-RW. The new Panasonic range adds DVD-RW. (I don't know the details of all the models and the schedule).

    I have the XS32 and am very happy with it. Though with the new Panasonics and the XS34 coming out, you may want to wait and compare these. I went for the XS32 over the E95 primarily because of the inclusion of -RW on the XS32. Also the XS32 was a bit cheaper. 80 GB size hasn't been an issue for me, but that depends how much you record.

    With the new Panasonics, I'm not sure which have DV in and which don't, but some of the models will have DV in. Yes, you can also use S-video (or composite) for camcorder footage. I wouldn't use composite, but with S-video you might not be able to tell the quality difference. Having DV in is easier to use, and allows you to do things like automatically create a new chapter when the timecode changes on the DV tape.


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