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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by The Spaniard, Jan 2, 2001.

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    Help me! I am about to buy my first projector and would like some advice. I know that CRT projectors give the best picture currently possible and have reviewed the much discussed ELLIE, but unfortunately this and other CRT's are way too big for my room (I only recently got married and don't want to yet contemplate divorce). My viewing position is approximately 11 feet away from the screen (which I haven't yet bought - next help topic!) and will probably have to be in 16:9 format as it will drop down (electrically or manually depending on price!) on top of my fire place. I was thinking about a 6 or 7 foot width. The projector lens will have to be about 10' 6" to 11' away from the screen as this still gives me roughly 2'6" to play with for the projector and connections. The projector will be ceiling mounted. My main viewing source for films and sport at present is Sky digital, although DVD's are rapidly catching up. I've just bought a Pioneer 737 DVD player and therefore the projector needs to have component video inputs and be progressive scan compatible (I want to take full advantage of the Pioneer's progressive scan capability!). I have looked at the Sony and the Toshiba and whilst the Sony looked excellent with Toy Story 2, it was absolutely appauling with 'The Perfect Storm'. This left me most upset as I could not tolerate this grainy picture and I would feel I'd wasted £4.5k (cheapest quote for the Sony). The Toshiba seems okay, but only for the money, I don't think I would be ecstatic with the result, but am desperate to spend some money!! From the rest of the chat on line I have started to research dlp projectors but your views tend to suggest it's not worth spending £6k on the Sim2. I was thinking about waiting for the new Yamaha dlp projector, possibly available soon (any news?), or the Toshiba LMT2 (when is this available?). I also might look at the Sanyo as recently suggested because of its progressive scan capabilities, but haven't read any reviews (anyone got one?). I will have to hurry up and buy one as I have got a tendancy to spend the money on something else that takes my fancy! New car or watch, possibly. Sorry about the length of my first topic but I hope it gives you an idea of what I'm looking for! Anyone know the origin of 'The Spaniard'.... not my idea, although I could not come up with anything better.
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    Dear Mr Spaniard !

    I hope I`m not breaking my " curfew" on the HT200, but hopefully this will be of help to you.

    Look at everything you consider, then judge.Decide for yourself what is "worth it",only you can do this.The light hearted banter over the relative merits of any projector merely give you a head start on what to look for.

    You may look at the HT200 and think it is worth every penny of £6,000.I think so, but then I should also say that in your situation, it is not the projector for you.While it is very "wife friendly" (smaller, and much better looking than the sony, for example), it also has a long throw lens - your screen size at 11ft from the screen could only be a maximum of 5ft (2.2x screen width). for 6-7 ft screen width, you really need a short throw lens - so I would say the Sony lens helps here, but as you say , you have already discounted this one (by the way, I did see it advertised on the web for under £4,000).

    Perhaps one of the other guys could give you some clues on projectors with short throw lens.

    If you were willing to come down to 5 ft, I would strongly recommend you audition the HT200 - if only to confirm that it`s not worth the money.It costs nothing to look, but the worst feeling in the world is to pass by an opportunity, and end up saying "...but I thought that...".

    Charles and I disagree on some things, but I have read here time and time again,and I`m sure Charles would agree, look at all the alternatives - if you`re about to get hitched, take her along if you can as well-and decide for yourselves.

    The important thing is to be happy with your choice - whatever it is .

    Best of luck.

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