Buying my first LCD TV, please advise



Hi all.
I would like to buy an LCD TV that would be used for:
- 50%: Xvid video and digital photos (computer)
- 45%: analog TV (sports mainly)
- 5%: playing console games
My viewing distance is 13 feet.
I have 2000 USD.

What size should I pick: 32", 37", 42"?
What technology is better for my needs: LCD, plasma?
Can you recommend any specific models?
What do you think about this one?

Please don't direct me to other websites and topics, read them all and still confused.


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At 13 feet, 40/42"

Console games etc, LCD

Really depends on how much you want to spend

I am well pleased with my Sony W 40" which cost around £1600 from John Lewis (with the help of a pricematch) complete with 5 yr warranty and their take it back up to 28 days if you aren't happy

Bear in mind that usual shop set ups are rubbish, especially on sd pictures so don't be put off by indifferent shop displays


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You are going to view a lot of sport so the very first thing you need to do is to see for yourself how a particular TV handles fast motion, as motion blur is prevalent with most LCD's and Plasmas.


The best way to check for motion blur is to compare two 32" LCD sets showing the same football match somewhere where thay have 32" CRT sets on display as well.
The Toshiba 68 LCD range is a good starting point for this as with the 100Hz facility switched on the motion handling is very good (check the menu to make sure it is enabled). You can then make a comparison with the CRT set and see what the difference is.
The reason I say this is because blur can be at the transmission end so you need a reference and also it is more visible on 42" screens so its best keeping the comparisons the same to start.


I would just like to add that I bought Philips 37PF5321/12 one month ago and that I am very pleased with it.
I highly recommend this model. :smashin: It's not cheap, but for a good reason! ;) I have no dead pixels so far.


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The Panasonic PX60 may well be a good option. It's Plasma but has a great picture and does SD sources very well. It's probably not as good a choice for video games as a good LCD, but for photo's and TV the Panny should give a better picture.

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