Buying my 1st Set - Any Suggestions???


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I Have about £1000 to spend on my first Rear Projection TV and want a 50" set if possible.

Any suggestions on what would be good to buy. I will probably buy from Ebay as would save bit of money, so what do you think?

Cheers, Seb


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Obviously for a good set for £1000 at 50" I might have to settle with a 2nd hand set that is quite new, or a reconditioned set....any ideas


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The Sony KDFE50A12 is the one to go for. Grade A stock on Ebay goes for £870 delivered (without stand) whilst there are places selling it for anything as low as £1099 brand new.

John Lewis have it for £1299 with their 5 yr guarantee.


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Costco were clearing the Tosh 52wm48 for a tad over £1000.

The 46wm48 was well under £1000.

That was a few weeks ago, may have sold out by now. Worth checking.

Can't remember what the result of the 3 year warranty issue was on DLP's at Costco. TV's get 3 years free, LCD's and Plasma's dont. Some members got 3 years free with their DLP's others didn't, if I remember correctly. Seemed to depend on the branch and the product knowledge level of staff.

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