Buying Marantz SR6006 in the U.S.


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Hello, I live in Europe but I plan to travel to the U.S. within the next few weeks and I am considering buying the Marantz SR6006 receiver for my home setup. Does anyone know if there are any problems with the PAL/NTSC differences from the US vs Europe? In other words when I connect my DVD player and SKY sattellite receiver with the U.S. purchased Marantz SR6006 and then connect it to my PAL plasma TV will I have any problems with the TV signal (in terms of being PAL vs NTSC)?


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There will be no differences between the US and EU models in relation to their video format handling capabilities. There will be difference in relation to the PSU used due to differences in mains voltage between the USA and EU countries and the FM tuner will be slightly different in terms of bandwidth. The US model will more than likely include satellite radio capabilities that are totally useless here in the UK. Also note that you have no manufacturers warranty coverage in the UK if products are purchased in the USA.
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Check the specs sheet carefully since US models sometimes do not have all the features present on EU/UK models. You may also inccur an import tax when you come back to the EU which could reduce the potential cost savings (especially by the time you have bought a proper voltage convertor).


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Thank you all for your help on this. Since I am fairly new to the HD home sound market I am wondering if someone could comment on the package that I am thinking about starting with.

1. Marantz SR6006 or SR5006 reciever
2. Polk Audio CSi A6 center speaker (Total Frequency Response45Hz-27kHz, Upper -3dB Limit26 kHz, Lower -3dB Limit55 Hz, Nominal Impedance8 ohms, Efficiency90 dB)
3. Polk Audio RTi A3 bookshelf speakers (Total Frequency Response40Hz-27kHz, Upper -3dB Limit26 kHz, Lower -3dB Limit50 Hz, Nominal Impedance8 ohm, Efficiency89 dB, Tweeter/midrange Crossover Frequency2.8 kHz)
4. Klipsch SW-112 subwoofer (AMPLIFIER POWER: FTC Rated Power: 300 watts continuous @ <2% THD / Dynamic Power*: 600 watts, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 26Hz-120Hz ± 3dB, MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 116dB @ 30Hz).
5. Tannoy backspeakers (a pair of bookshelf speakers that I have owned for some years).

The idea is create a system that works both for general music listening and as home home movie theater. Any help and comments are greatly appriciated.

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