Buying iPod from USA


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I live in the UK & I'm thinking of replacing my iRiver ihp120 with a 20gb iPod while i'm in NY in a week's time & I was wondering what the pro's & con's might be.
Anyone done this? Where should I go?
I'm assuming price will be a pro but what about warranty?
Also (apart from the obvious :rolleyes: ) what's the difference between a regular 20gb ipod and a Photo iPod eg. is the battery better, or the weight more ???
Sorry - lot's of questions but any help would be appreciated :)

David Mackenzie

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I did this when I originally owned an iPod.

I believe Apple operates a worldwide warranty. You can charge the iPod by connecting it to your computer, or simply remove the end of the wall adapter and replace it with a UK power cord if you want to charge from a wall socket. There is nothing to worry about whatsoever when buying an iPod from the USA.

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