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Buying Hitachi 32LD7200

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Fabs35, May 27, 2005.

  1. Fabs35


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    Hi All

    A first post for me.....here goes!!

    We've just exchanged on a new home and to celebrate we are planning to splash out on a new LCD.

    Based on a number of reviews and having looked at one instore, we've decided on a Hitachi 32LD7200.

    However being completely ignorant of all things technical, I haven't a clue about the leads/connections required and this is where you guys come in - hopefully!

    At the moment all we have to connect is my laptop (Sony Z1RSP). We are planning to buy a DVD recorder with HD (again, suggestions would be appreciated) and perhaps connection to Sky interactive???

    So...just to sum up, I could do with suggestions re:

    1) Leads to connect the LCD to the aerial, DVD player and Sky box???
    2) A dvd recorder with HD...not sure what they go for so not sure of my budget.

    Thanks in advance

    Fabian :thumbsup:
  2. swanny78


    Apr 19, 2005
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    Firstly well done on purchasing and excellent TV.

    1. On the Hitachi you basically have 3 Scart plugs: 2 of which are RGB enabled. Use one of these RGB enabled for your SKY box, ensuring you go into sky setup menu, video options and chaging output from PAL to RGB. This should give you the best Pic. quality. I would suggest the QED range of Scart cables know as Squart. www.qed.co.uk is a good place to start.

    2. You also have component video port, which is ideal for a DVD player with component out plugs on the back. Component is just about the best pic you get get from an analogue port, and is near perfect for DVD. Again you can not go wrong with QED, the PCv-1 are very good component cables.

    3. You also have a DVI output ideal for PC with DVI output (small white plug) most new PC's have one instead of or as well as the d-sub connector (or the small blue plug that you normally use to connect a monitor to your PC). You can also get DVD plyers with DVI out now and this gives you the best quality pic possible as this is direct digital thruput with no analogue conversion for say scart or component.

    4. There is also a HDMI port, another digital port which makes the TV future compatible for new Hi-Def Sky next year, for which a new Sky box will be avialable. DVD players will also be available with this probably the new Blu-Ray DVD players which show Hi Def content.

    5. Next you have the D-Sub connector as I explained above to connect you PC to, this is analogue so pic quality not as good as DVI but you will need a PC that outputs DVI to use the DVI port, or D-Sub it is.

    6. RF input, ot usually labelled as ANT. This is where you plug your standard TV ariel into, I must warn you the pic quality on this and not really what LCD is designed for. The pic is of course watchable just dont expect too much.

    8. Finnaly you have composite video which is the small yellow round phono plug, normally comes with red and white phono for the stereo sound, this offers the worst video output I would keep well away.

    Page 13 on the user manual gives you a diagram on what can be connected to what.

    On my setup I have Sky+ to 1 of the RGB enabled scarts
    My DVD Player to the Component video input.

    As for DVD recorders Im not an expert as I dont have one although What Home Cinmea rated the Lite-on LVW-5045 very well 5 stars in fact it has a HDD aswell and Component output. It is infact half the price of most big named DVD recorders.

    I hope this helps.

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