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Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy my dad a christmas present and I have no idea which home cinema system to buy.

I'm looking for a system for downstairs in the main living room with a 50" lg led tv, I just want some advice wanting to spend around £120max I am from the UK.

I have done some mild research are any of these ok?

5.1 Panasonic

5.1 Phillips

2.1 Logitech

Do I want 2.1 or 5.1, any suggestions?


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What does he have to connect? Is it just the TV? What audio connections are available on the TV? Remember that most all-in-one home cinema systems, particularly at the level you're looking at, aren't designed for external sources. Ideally you should be looking for a system with an optical (toslink) input and an analogue auxiliary input. As for whether you want 2.1 or 5.1, it is up to you and your dad and the room. Can you place a centre speaker under the TV and rears either side/behind the listening position? Have a look on It shows you various speaker placement options. In the end 5.1 is the way to get a true movie experience but if all you are looking to do is improve the audio from the TV, perhaps a 2.1 system is the way to go. In the end, a 5.1 system priced at £120 isn't going to be very good when you consider what it has to supply for that price.

The Panasonic system has an analogue audio input and Audio Return Channel (ARC) so if your dad's TV is new(ish) it might be able to pass audio via HDMI ARC out. What TV is it?

Your best bet is to visit the all-in-ones forum. AVF insist on calling it that so a lot of people miss it:

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