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    I've not posted on this for a while since I went through a stage of badly wanting a camcorder - then reality hit and I realised I couldn't afford one.
    Now thanks to the student loan company (your taxes..?) I can start looking again!
    I have a mate in the US who would buy on my behalf a PAL camcorder, but does anyone know any good USA PAL-selling sites? I've found which sells a PAL TRV33 for $689 (around £375), but is there anywhere cheaper?
    If I can't find a good one in the US:
    I'm also looking at Digital Point in the UK for a PC103 which raises the question: Which is better - for a novice not aiming for Hollywood but wanting a good bit of kit for general filming: sport and outdoor stuff - the TRV33 or the PC103?
    Last time I got loads of useful info from several people - I'd appreciate your opinion again.

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    Surrey, UK
    £375 for the trv33 will be very hard to beat coupled with the fact most places have run out of them. The trv33 will be talked about for some time. I had a chance to try this camera last summer care of 3 months trial period with Dixons.
    It was , in a word, exceptional and coupled with the wide-screen mode it was first class. If you have a widescreen TV, whcih is now fairly manstream it's a must.
    I'm not too sure about the PC103 , but frankly it seems gimmicky - paying for it' size and the quality.
    The trv33 has a fine blend of many ideal qualities: size, weight, quality of movie, functions, on and on and on...

    get the picture !

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