Buying faulty TV from John Lewis returns


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I've got a three year old LG OLED which I purchased from John Lewis. It's always had a slight tint on the screen and over time it's either got worse or I've just become more annoyed by it, so I eventually called them about it. Long story short - they're replacing it, or in fact giving me some cash towards a new TV of my choice because my current model is no longer available.

Now once I get my new telly I'd be happy to actually buy that "tinted" LG OLED off John Lewis for a reasonable price rather than have them take it away and doubtless just trash/recycle it.

I suspect this isn't something that John Lewis will entertain. Anyone know different?


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I think JL might have direct contract with LG so partial claim process would require set back.
If anything I think you would spark some suspicion on yourself wanting faulty set back?


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The independent engineers report confirms the fault. It’s not unreasonable for me to have a personal quality standard for my main set and a lesser standard for a second set in the kids bedroom which I would pay less money for.

I think you’re right though, I doubt the process allows for this.


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If the set is going to be scrapped and you still have it at home they might let you keep it. Just ask in the store if you can dispose of it yourself. They did this with me as they were going to have to get a separate van to pick up the old set. Worth a try.

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