Buying equipment online from EU countries for UK delivery


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Has anyone bought kit online from France or other mainland European countries and managed to get it delivered to the UK? In theory it's a good way to save money, but I'm not sure if it's possible.

To be specific, I have my eye on some Triangle speakers and as they're French they're on sale in France with some amazing offers, reducing the UK cost by up to 50%.

Suppliers on French Amazon don't deliver to the UK, and I haven't found any other French supplier who does as yet (I've only checked a couple). Can anyone recommend one?


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Be careful - in France, speaker prices are typically per speaker, whereas UK typically quote the price for a pair. You should check if you are comparing like ("par Paire") with like.


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I havbe previously bought professional studio equipment from suppliers in Europe and had no issues with delivery, however I have no experience buying hifi from Europe.

In the end it depends on the specific retailer.


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Have you thought how you would resolve any warranty issues if you have to ship them back to the dealer?

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