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Is there any way to get discounts buying digital copies through the PlayStation Store?

Wipeout is £30 and a disc copy is only £17, but it looks like the sort of game to have on the machine and play between bigger titles. Best I can find is to get a £35 code for around £31 at places likes cd keys. Thanks

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If you know someone who works at Tesco they can buy the credit at 10% off. Not a huge saving I know, but Every Little Helps...etc etc...

Incidentally, online pricing isn't really a rip-off it's just stuff sold at RRP. If the PSN store undercut other retailers then they would stop stocking PS games.


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That's useful thank you, I do know someone actually :)

Know what you mean about RRP, it's just frustrating that a disc copy is cheaper and you can sell it on afterwards.

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