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My girlfriend has asked for CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE EAU DE PARFUM for Chrimbo

I would like to get the 50mm instead of the 35mm. If I buy on line its about £45 instead of £60

Do I need to be wary of copy cat stuff and if so where is a good reliable place to buy?

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Boots Probably to be extra safe. But will cost slightly more.
£48 isn't a lot for a fragrance, should see my collection and I'm a guy :blush: :D

As other people say, Boots is obviously original juice but of course you pay a bit more but at least you know it is real and not some fake diluted crap :thumbsup:

There is also Fragrance Direct & Cheap Smells which both sell legit juice for a bit cheaper then retail though they don't seem to have the one you are after unfortunately :(

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Be careful I believe Eau de toilette is not the same as Eau de Parfum. My bird said that stuff wasn't as long lasting..

Ah yeah, I just assumed OP wanted the eau de toilette as acid007 linked to it on boots but have just seen in op it is the Parfum they are after.

Deffo get the Eau De Parfum for your lady :D It'll cost you more though!!!!! :laugh:

Edit: actually not that bad compared to the Toilette, £75.60 for 100ml, £53.10 for the 50ml and £39.60 for a 35ml Parfum versions
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And yeah, Eau De Parfum has a higher concentration compared to Eau De Toilette which means the Eau De Parfum will last longer (which means you dont need to apply as much) as it'll be stronger then an Eau De Toilette :smashin:

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