Buying Cameras With Purchase Order


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Sep 20, 2006
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I need to buy a few cameras for a school photo club. Unfortunately we can only pay by purchase order and most places don't seem to accept it.

I reckon a few Fuji s5700s would be a good buy. Any other suggestions?

Anyone know where we can get them from?
Agreed PC World business direct and open an account. Purchase order no problem then.
All you need to do is for the school to open a business account with pc world
takes about a day then you can simply give them a purchase order from the school and bobs your uncle:)
I can vouch for both PC World Business and Misco when it comes to PO's - used both through my account managers there, very simple to sort out.
Cheers. Not cheap though. £110 excluding VAT. I've been given a budget of circa £200 for 3 cameras.

£85 inc VAT for a refurb direct from Fuji.

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