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I have recently noticed that the American Canon GL2 seems very similar to the European XM2 camcorder yet its American equivalent is substantially cheaper. Does anyone know the possible flaws or forsee problems with buying the American version and using it in the UK. I may be making a silly error here but just wanted to make sure
Thanks all the same


make sure it is a PAL moddel(european) otherwise you wont be able to watch your films here: differen speed.


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What price have you seen it for in the USA? RGBDirect have it for £1599.99(They do seem very cheap - I've not used them so i don't know if they are any good).

The retail price of that camcorder in the US is ~$2799(~£1,744).


With so many TVs/videos now being able to play back NTSC, playback isn't really a problem. (as long as you've got one of sed TVs/videos!!) The big problem is if anything goes wrong with it. It's a loooong way to send it back, (how much will the insurance cost?) & you're not covered by the same consumer rights as a UK purchaser. Almost certainly, the warrenty won't be honoured by Canon US anyway. In short, making a major camcorder purchase in the US is a potential bag 'O' worms. have the XM2 for £1649, & I can
thoroughly recommend them as I bought my own (Panny MX500) from them.


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I recently bought a camcorder form u.s , it is a sony trv 25. the equivalent cost in u.s is $ 600 and in uk it is £680. so u see u can fund your airfare with the differnce !! also beware never to buy online in america with stores that do not have retail outlets, cause 70 % of them are thiefs. go for bestbuys or sears, circuit city. They do good internet delas and have local pickup and reuturn points.

The internet only sites are crooks and cheats. I bought my camcorder from and he was a thug. And that is the way i learnt my lesson. But all ended well

Remember a burnt child dreads fire.....

all the best for your shopping and hey the customs are cool at london, they dont bother if u bring in an expensive camcorder/laptop's

all the best
...................................... raneesh


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also i am aware that the warranty does not cover u, but if u go for a famous brand u shud take the gamble and with the odds on yr side u will be a winner 9/10 times

all the best and tell me later if this advice was helpfull

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