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Buying Camcorder from Singapore


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My parents are currently holidaying in Oz and will be stopping in Singapore on the way home. I have asked them to pick me up a camcorder (Sony HC42 or JVC GR-DF470) if they find one cheaper than I can get one in the UK.

Assumning they buy one am I likely to encounter any issues in using the camcorder in the UK (i.e. connecting it to TV/DVD Player/PC etc)?


It depends on what TV standard the camcorder is designed to work with. I'm not sure if Singapore use NTSC or PAL, but in the UK we use PAL. If they buy an NTSC camcorder then you will have some problems such as not being able to record to a VCR. Most UK TV's & DVD players/recorders should work without problems with NTSC, but even a VCR that can play NTSC will not record it unmless it is a very expensive multistandards VCR.

I strongly suggest you do a search on this forum as the question has been asked many times before, normally about buying from the USA. There are a lot more issues other than just a cheaper price that you need to be aware of, such as what happens if it goes wrong. It is very unlikely that a UK service centre will do a free repair, even if it goes wrong during the warrenty. There are loads of other issues as well. IMO if useing the cam in the UK, then you are best to buy it in the UK even if it does cost more.

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