Buying an unlocked phone to use with my contract SIM, ok?


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I'm on contract with vodafone as I got a good deal with them (£8pm for 75 mins and 100 texts), they think I've still got the Motorola V525 I got when I originally took a contract out with them but I've been using an unlocked SE T610 for a while now and I'm getting a SE K750i soon. Does it matter about me sourcing phones privately , will vodafone ever send me SIM updates specific to the phone they think I'm using and if so is there a chance it will cause problems if I'm using a different phone? I'm pretty sure I'm free to use whatever phone I like but it just occured to me when I checked my vodafone account online and it showed 'my phone' as a moto V525.



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Should be fine.

I was using a W800i which was on an orange contract with my Virgin Sim and my orange sim is in an old Nokia 3310.:thumbsup:


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I've never heard of it being an issue. If you lost or broke your original I'm sure Vodafone wouldn't expect you to buy a new handset from them.


If they wanted to check they could... their computers record your last location and the handset type and IMEI used... pretty standard interpretation of GSM networking protocol... basically they don't give a toss...


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Thanks for the replies folks


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the contract is for the sim only - as long as you make your monthly payments, you can do anything you like with the phone


Hi, I work for Vodafone and you shouldn't have any problems switching your SIM between handsets. If you do ever get a SIM update message and are unsure about saving any settings, I'd recommend contacting Vodafone first on 191 to put your mind at ease.

The most common update text messages we send out are usually for MMS (multimedia messages), GPRS (internet) or email settings, and these are for handset updates rather than SIM updates. To send these out we would also need to confirm the make and model of handset with the customer so we could enter the correct details in the admin tool we use.

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