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i am seriously considering buying a samsung 6000 led tv 32" for £650

should i do this, is it worth it, i walk into currys and literally dont stop looking at it

i only have a 32" toshiba regza 720p tv at the second

i dont know if im being silly and wasting hard earned cash on something not too great ?

any sort of advice would be much appreciated!



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being silly and wasting hard earned cash?? sorry but couldn't agree stronger.
if your one of those people that buy a tv because the exterior seems appealing to the eye then i feel sorry for you. upto you if you wanna spend that kinda money on new "unproven" technology. for me, it's exactly the same as your regza 720p but slimmer and a resolution of 1920x1080p (not that it matters if you don't have bluray).
why don't you ask yourself the ultimate question - what will this tv be used for?
don't be expecting a much transformed picture with SD material, you will only be dissapointed.
if you really wanna upgrade your regza then buy a W5500 in 37" or above (no point spending that much on 32") and if you like watching sport and movies, go with the panasonic 42G10. they will kill that LED in every department!!


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I partially agree with the above - I am not sure that I would spend £650 on a 32" just to get 1080p. You are unlikely to notice a massive difference unless you sit really close.

I do think that the LED is a good choice, though. The picture on mine is fantastic in HD, and far exceeds my expectation in SD. These sets DO have issues though (clouding etc) and are expensive for what you get.

£ for £, the W5500 or G10 plasmas are much better buys, although personally I would avoid the 37" W5500 as it is supposed to have a dodgy panel unlike the 40".

If you are wall mounting in a smallish room, the LEDs really come into their own (6cm total depth including mount compared to 17 on the Panasonic G10 makes a lot of difference to how much the TV dominates the room)


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Thanks for all your opions i really appreciate them, i think im going to have a look about and see whats on the market!

650 is alot fro 32" and could get me alot more in terms of spec...

thanks again:)

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