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Buying an external USB/ESATA HDD - best way to connect via ESATA?


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I am going to purchase the Seagate 320GB FreeAgent Pro external HDD. It can either be connected vis USB 2.0 or ESATA. Obviously if I connect via ESATA I will get a better transfer speed over USB 2.0.

Please can someone with a bit more tech knowledge confirm if my method of madness here is correct.

The ESATA connection is different to the SATA one? So I will need a PCI card (not express) to put in the PC to get my external connection (needs to work with Vista). This card can either have a SATA connection or ESATA connection on it as cables can be purchased that go ESATA > ESATA or ESATA > SATA.

Have I got it right or am I off target?

Comments much appreciated.



Nu Breed

Active Member
1) that method is correct 'IF' you DONT have internal SATA connectors on your mobo.

2) if you DO HAVE SATA on your mobo, then you just need an eSata 'PCI Blanking Plate' (not pci card). the plate will have 'regular' sata cables bridging the gap to your internal sata connectors on your mobo.
Then, on the external face of the 'sata blanking plate' will be eSata connectors. You then link your h'disk caddy to the plate via an eSata cable.
Should be like USB on steroids!! :thumbsup:


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Option 1 it is then :smashin:

Just need to find one in the UK now, eBay is full of em from Hong Kong.

Nu Breed

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i dont wish to be negative, but i'm always a little wary of buying from abroad. if anything is faulty or develops a fault within months, you lose everything.

When you do have it sorted pop back here & drop a reply how you got on etc.

well, best of luck :thumbsup:


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It was only £5.48 from Hong Kong... but then when I was searching for the ESATA to ESATA cable, I went and found one in the UK for £5.49 (typical). So I ordered that too.... a loss £5.48 at the end of the day, but not going to alter my standard of living in a hurry :)

So all ordered now, jobs a good en :thumbsup:

BTW I got the 320GB external HDD from ebuyer for £74, most other places were £100+ so a bargain.

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