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Hi, I've just bought a Panasonic TX-P42G20 Plasma TV. (see Panasonic TX-P42G20/TX-P42G20B/TXP42G20 Review: Freeview HD TV)

I would now like to know what recommendations you may have for me re. speakers, etc.

I am not very techie and have a budget of £100 to £200.

My old television had 4 external speakers attached to it. Each speaker has a white wire coming out of it which split into two at the end (one white, one black) which are entered into the eight clip-on type connections at the back of the television. I'm not sure if I could re-use them by buying an amplifier (an amplifier must have been built into my old TV) or an I better off starting from scratch and buying a home theatre speaker package ?

Thanks for your help & advice.


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I'm afraid you can't simply connect speakers to the TV unless there are speaker connections and a built-in amplifier for external speakers on the rear. You will need a home cinema system or powered speakers to connect to the TV's audio output. I would imagine that the TV has both optical (digital) and RCA phono (red/white analogue) audio connections.

Unfortunately your budget is low, so you will be limited to what you can achieve. I would personally look at a 2.1 speaker setup or cheap hifi amp and some bookshelf speakers connected to the analogue audio output but it really depends what else you have to connect and what you want to achieve. Are you generally unhappy with the audio output from the TV? Do you have a hifi? Richer sounds stock plenty of budget gear, so perhaps take a look there. I know that the Wharfedale speakers were down to £50 or something, which coupled with a cheap stereo amp should give you decent audio for next-to-nothing. If you want surround sound, I think you'll struggle but the guys in the all-in-ones forum should be able to point you in the direction of a suitable setup for not much £.

Before considering re-using the speakers from your old TV, you would need to check the impedance rating (ohms) which should be on the rear of the speaker or in the specification section at the rear of the manual. If the ohms rating is low, the chances are you couldn't re-use them. To be honest, (sticking my neck out here) they're probably not very good anyway.

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