Buying a VP in Japan


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budget for at least another 25% on the quoted price to cover VAT and import duty it might even be more .

This does not necessarily mean you won't still save money and certain of the popular import specialists have a good reputation and reasonable returns procedure for damaged/faulty goods.

I'm waiting to see what the ae300 is like and whether it will materialise over here.


Is there a way to know the exact percentage taken by the custom? Maybe on a website?


I found this Hong kong site and posted it a while back, no one took a blind bit of notice.

When you look on the site you will see the marantz projector, I think its 9-10 grand here is 4-5 of somthing.

I got the philips 963a from hivizone and did not pay any duty or tax. there is a way, lower the limit, so it is under the eu limit, make sure it states it is a gift on the customs decleration.



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You might be better off going to Japan or Hong Kong. Buying said article : removing packaging and incriminating materials and carrying it back with you post on the packaging and documentation. ( depends on size obviously)

When you go through customs just say its your presentation projector for your laptop and you've had it for years. ( all business like). ( stick a corporate sticker on the projector property of coca cola or something)

when I looked into getting a sharp 9000 I was looking at another 33% on the list , all in what with vat and duty. Still represented a saving of around 4K

You can phone up customs and ask but they want all your details before they give you any info . They probably put you on file and keep a beedy eye out for you.


Originally posted by Corleone88
Thanks Mr D !! Great tip :)

Not really ... when you leave the EU you are supposed to get a certificate showing that you actually brought the device with you. When bringing something like a projector back with you are legally liable for Duty and VAT if you cannot produce the original purchase receipt.

When it comes the Customs you are guilty unless you can prove that you are not (this is the reverse of the normal situation).

Of course you may get through Customs without any problems 90% of the time but don't believe for one minute that you are fooling anyone any experienced officer will know if the item in question is new.

In the case of items such as cameras and expensive watches Customs will know from the serial number where (what part of the World) the camera was purchased.

As a matter of interest also be aware if you use your car to smuggle goods your car is likely to be confisicated as well as the goods in question.


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Errrrrr, so if you get caught, do they confiscate it, or just make you pay up?


I live In Ireland but the situation is exactly the same in the UK.

No they confiscate it and sell it ... this often happens to people who are deemed to have imporrted too much booze into the UK (there was a recent court case in the UK where Customs were found to be in breach of EU regulations because they stopped a man for importing a year's supply of cigarettes for his own use ... they had also confisicated his car and they now have a problem because it was sold at a knock down price).


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I did say "might". Certainly my friends have had no problems bringing copious amounts of hardware back from the states following this methodology. There is obviously a risk like anything else however...


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there is a way, lower the limit, so it is under the eu limit, make sure it states it is a gift on the customs decleration
....but as I understand it, the limit is £36 for gifts.
There used to be a customs website with all the rates of duty listed, but I can't find it now. Up to a value of about £250, the duty will be a max of 7.5% (if the item's rate is lower than that, you'll get the lower rate). Obviously not too useful to know in this case.
I recently bought an MAudio Delta 410 card from the 'States, and did pay duty. I think this will partially be down to the courier used, and the ethos of the company sending the goods.

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