Buying A TV From Comet! Good Or Bad Idea?


Ross -A-

Anyone got any horror stories about Comet? I'm sending my old tv back to Currys today as they admitted its faulty. Comet are gonna price match the same tv for me with a further 10% discount and free delivery in ten days.

Its the same tv I posted about earlier. Samsung PDP50C96 HD.

The one sitting in my living room now is clearly faulty as the picture isn't even watchable.


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The likes of Comet don’t have a very good reputation with a lot of members here, but I’ve always been happy with the service I’ve received from them and found their delivery service to be first class.

If you know exactly what you want and they can supply it at a 10% discount; sounds good to me!


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Ross -A-, are you defo getting 10% off the full price, or 10% off of the difference in price between Comet and Currys?

I thought Comet's pricematch policy was 10% off of the difference...


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Compared to Empire Direct and Currys (who i feel will do anything to avoid giving a full refund or exchange unless the manufacterer orders them to do so), I feel Comet have good customer service and you should be ok.


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Comets have always given me good service but they are not so hot on prices in my view. I have not had to take a TV back for a refund but have, in the past, taken back a few things & have never had any trouble but I guess any company is OK until you have trouble with a refund/problem so to date I would say they are OK.

Have you tried John Lewis for a pricmatch + 5year warranty & great service ?.

Ross -A-

Yeah its 10% of the difference they're giving me off. I misheard the guy.

I hear the TV I'm after is coming back to John Lewis online on Tuesday with the free 5 year Warranty. So need to see if thats true or not.


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have had a pretty fuss free relationship with COMET over the years. Only hassle I had was with my SAGEM set, as COMET no longer supplied their TVs.

However, when I bought the SAmmy plasma it was immediately defective and a replacement was had almost immediately. Can't really fault their service.

We bought 3 TVs off them, together with loads of cables and other goodies and they gave us a pretty serious discount. I would deffo give them the thumbs up over Currys.

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