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Buying a TV from another country?


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I am living in Spain but I want to buy a TV from another country as the TVS are expensive here. Are TVs made for specific countries or will they work anywhere? I will be getting IPTV setup so that wont be an issue in terms of channels. But in terms of the smart tv and features like that, I assume they will not work?


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TVs are sold with features and technical specs for individual countries or areas.
For instance, in the UK the Digital HD modulation system is different to Europe. So an HD set from Europe will not receive Freeview HD in the UK.
Standard definition in UK is Mpeg2 because we were one of the first to start with digital. Other recent converts to digital have Mpeg4 (Ireland).

Smart features such as BBC iPlayer will only be loaded on sets in the UK.

Having said that, some sets work in different countries but it is often difficult to find out what the sets are capable of before buying.


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No, that is not the case.
Everyone (except a couple of networks outside Europe) uses MPEG-2 and quite a lot now use MPEG-4 in addition.
Nordig is the only standard to use MPEG-4 for SD but that is a fairly recent change, until then they used MPEG-2 for SD just like anyone else. Even then Nordig doesn't exclude SD in MPEG-2.
As to Spain in particular, the only real difference is that they use time offset region codes because of the likes of the Balearics i.e. the UK has one time zone but Spain has three so when you choose Spain from the country menu it will ask for a region.
The UK's main modulation system is DVB-T with DVB-T2 for HD, the same as Nordig.
Freeivew has additions that are not used in Spain so as long as Spain is in the countries menu I would be happy to use a UK TV is Spain. Buy from a shop and just check that.
MPEG-2 was first used on a large scale in cable TV BTW.


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No, that is not the case.

Erm what is not the case?

Everything I said ? or are you querying why I mentioned Mpeg 4 DVB-T on SD?
Well Soarview in Ireland (last checked in Europe) uses this spec.

I know from buying experience, that not every SD set is compatable with Mpeg4. Just look on ebay and there often some small print saying not suitable for Ireland. As for DVB-T and T2 that is another one to look out for - hence my reference to modulation systems (for HD).
I wasn't being specific to Spain, but pointing out there are differences and pitfalls. (Didn't even mention VHF tuners)

By the way, as a buyer, I have found it very difficult to find out from published specs if an SD set has the Mpeg4 codec. Obviously most HD sets have this built in anyway and are backward compatible, so there is no problem.

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