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Dec 19, 2004
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Washington,Tyne and Wear
Have been putting together a budget AV setup and need some advice on possible subs.I started with a budget (for a receiver and 5.1 Spkrs) of £600-700 and at the mo have the amp and a 5.0 set up for £400 (this comprises;amp-Pio VSX814,fr-Gale 3030s,c-Gale 3050 + sr Gale 3060s).

Iam using the old 50w sub from an all-in-on type job at the mo,but its horribly slow and weak,so really need a decent sub to round things off.

£250 is about the most Iam willing to pay and don't mind buying second hand.I know people say u can't buy decent subs under £300 but I have a small-ish room and would like something reasonably discrete.It would be for 60/40 movies-music.
Had thought about some of the following:

BK Gemini
Ruark Vita(100 or 120)

Anybody have any others to suggest or advice as to whether I should maybe save a bit more?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
BK XLS200 :thumbsup:
Had looked at the XLS200 but it is a little,nay smidgeon, over my budget.
What kind of advantages would it have over the Gemini,that would persuade me part with the extra cash?
I think you'll find that the extra power will come in handy. Remember these subs are not "earth movers" like the big SVS's for example. But the XLS200 is a surprising little beast!

To be honest I'd consider the XLS200 the minimum spec if you want some true "welly" - smaller subs are more about a "lifestyle" decision. All IMHO of course...PJ :)
I had a read on the forum about the xls200 and it does sound like the sub I'm after.Thanks very much for the help.

Now to get saving those pennies :rolleyes:

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