Buying a reciever with one less optical port .... um?


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Hi Gang

Everyone here are helpful, courteous and professional - that's what makes a discussion forum a great place in which to post questions freely :thumbsup: (thank you)!

I've owned two Yamaha recievers over the years (enjoyed them), from an HTR-5835 to an RX-V467. But I was a bit behind the curve. As recievers evolve and technology continues to standardize, naturally we're seeing fewer ports as certain technology becomes less demanding. I still have a few older pieces of equipment specifically an older 'Compact CD Changer' limited to analog and optical outputs, (naturally I prefer a digital transfer). So now I'm shopping for a later model 5.1 reciever with 'ARC' but I'd like to still connect my older 'Compact CD Changer' ...

There's a 'budget model' 'Yamaha RX-V385BL' on Best Buy for $299, but it only has ONE optical port which is typically labeled for a TV. Can I assume the audio will be reliably connected thru 'ARC' matched with a recent model TV also with ARC, thus allowing a free optical port for the CD Changer? *Hopefully I can re-assign (using the remote), to indicate audio for the CD Changer? But am I 'over looking' any unforseen shortcomings/problems/conflicts? Rear connections: RX-V385

Thanks Again!
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Sometimes avr inputs are labeled for a reason, an example could be where a particular port is labeled as "CD player" because it bypasses some circuitry for better music reproduction. Just something to be aware of.


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I’d check the manual. But more than likely, you’ll be able to assign inputs to labels, so your optical input can be assigned to “CD”.

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ARC has a couple of limitations - one being it relies on HDMI CEC (which can cause odd switching issues) and two it can limit what audio you can pass from your TV.

If you are shopping 'New' I would look for an AVR which supports eARC (no reliance on CEC and supports all current audio formats).

Of course the TV capabilities play a part two - so again if shopping New look for a TV with eARC.


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