Buying a PC or Laptop – Guide to Operating Systems.

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When buying a second hand PC or Laptop which includes a copy of Microsoft Windows, it is your responsibility to ensure you are receiving a genuine product and not a pirated copy of the operating system.

A genuine copy of Windows can be supplied in a variety of mediums such as

  • Boxed DVD (also known as ‘retail media’)
  • OEM Restore Partition (A hidden partition on the hard drive containing the media, usually accessed from the BIOS)
  • DVD-R (Usually burned to DVD from the restore partition mentioned above)

For the most part, all genuine copies of Windows are supplied with a license key which is required to fully activate the software upon installation. If you install Windows and do not activate within a certain timeframe, various aspects of the operating system will be disabled limiting the interactions you can take with your PC or laptop.

Microsoft provides a variety of documentation on the subject.

About Genuine Windows
Activate Windows
What is validation

Please ensure you satisfy yourself that the operating system being supplied to you is indeed genuine. If you are unsure in any way, ask the question on thread and have the seller confirm this prior to sending any funds.

If after purchase you find you have been supplied with non-genuine software, please use the Report Post function to draw it to the attention of the moderators.

It is against the trading rules for anyone to attempt to sell or trade pirate or other non-genuine copies of Microsoft Windows.

Anyone found to be attempting to circumvent this rule may be excluded from trading or face a ban from the entirety of the forums.

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