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Question Buying a new tv but cant make up my mind!


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First thing first I'm sorry for bringing up this issue once again on here :facepalm: but I am getting so much conflicting information online so here we go again!

So I have a Samsung KS7000 currently I've had it a few years now and I've mostly been very happy with it. My main issue with it has always been the brightness as my sitting room is fairly dark the vast majority of the day especially at night so it takes its toll on my eyes after a while. I've fine-tuned a few things and its not to bad these days but still I sometimes really miss the darker yet more natural picture on my old Panasonic Plasmas!

So with the PS5 coming out soon, I have been looking at possibly upgrading and having never had an OLED and seeing them constantly get rave reviews I am very very tempted by the LG CX.

So I have done a lot of research over the last while it has come down to the LG and the Samsung Q90. Most people seem to go for the LG but I just can't stop coming back to the issue of screen burn. I had problems with it years ago with one of my Plasmas so it's always been at the back of my mind.

The Samsung has been great as a home theatre pc monitor as well as going alongside my Nvidia Shield and games consoles.
I head read so many saying they use OLEDs in the very same way and just use protective methods as I already do black wallpapers no desktop icons etc.

I just don't want to have to baby the tv and worry about what the kids are watching when I'm in work or what games I should be playing on my Playstation or even what I can watch or stream!!

Is it worth the hassle or should I just stick with QLED??

Sorry about the size of the post and any advice is greatly appreciated!


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If you buy an OLED from John Lewis, you can buy burn in insurance which would give you peace of mind?


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If you buy an OLED from John Lewis, you can buy burn in insurance which would give you peace of mind?

Sorry, I forgot to mention but I live in Ireland so I'm kinda working with the likes of Currys Harvey Norman etc. There was one place I noticed today that you can get insurance with that are based up north for an extra 200 odd euro.

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