Buying a new PSU - are they all a standard size?


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I need to replace the PSU in my X-Qpack m-atx case.

Would there be restrictions on the type I can get as a replacement because it's going into a m-atx size case?

Or are all PSU's a standard size / connection? I need one in the region of 500 to 700w, but I'm operating on a budget here! Any recommendations?




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the aspire case?? it does say on the side of the box thats the power supply is a "special size" and in some further documentation the dimentions of the included 420watt psu is 116mm x 149mm x 87mm

so it does look like a special power supply is needed

from looking at pictures of the case it does look like you MAY be able to squeeze in a normal power supply but you will have to do some measuring as the optical drives may be in the way


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Sounds like it uses a mATX PSU, if so they are fairly easy to find, but much more expenive.

If you don't mind buying a new case, getting one that can take a standard ATX would probably be cheaper, many mATX cases take ATX PSUs.

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