Question buying a hi fi rack options


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anyone know of some hi fi rack options i could like?

i want dimenisions to be around

650mm height
600mm to 650mm width
400mm depth max be 450mm
want 3 shelves
i not like how 4 shelves there not equal space between the shelves
one shelf may have a e.g 165mmgap, another more at 200mm

price not looking above £150

i looked at some sites like richersounds etc but i not like how the inner legs take up width as much as do
the sheles seem curves inwards rahter than being rectangle
also trying get wood but if can only get glass will have be

am in manchester
anyone know anyone good who goes custom made tables? and how much more would a custom made table be

on the gaps between the shelves
how big does the gap need to be for proper cooling for an amp?

am worried if i put a 150mm height amp in a gap space of just 165mm gap be to small may get hot

anyone can help be good

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