Buying a HD Fury AVR Key?


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Hi there,

I have a Samsung atmos soundbard. My Apple TV is plugged in through the soundbar's ARC and my soundbar/TV does not support earc (I cannot get atmos through arc). My xbox and nvidia shield is plugged into HDMI 1 +2 of the soundbar and is able to get atmos.

Is there a setup situation with HD Fury that will allow for my Apple TV to have dolby vision and Atmos? My soundbard does not support Dolby Vision pass through. Thanks

Joe Fernand

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Assuming the ATV is currently connected to an HDMI Input on the TV and the TV ARC is connected to the Soundbar ARC?

The HDFury AVR key would sit between the ATV and an Input on the TV (for Video) plus and Input on the Soundbar (for audio).

If you have run out of Inputs on the Soundbar (you require three) you may want to consider a different HDFury device - though that will be additional cost.

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