Buying a DVD Recorder.



Hi all, i'm thinking of buying a dvd recorder but not sure what is a good model to buy.

I was looking at a sony dual player (plays both formats of dvd)
But was wondering if there are any other good ones out there?

I would also in the future(not to far away) buy a digital camcorder (sony) and i want to put my movies on dvd's plus all my digital photos etc. and record tv lol.

Thx for any help.
I posted this brief summary of the DVD formats a week or back in the thread "Help For A Novice" (which might be worth you reading 'nokiaman' to see what was suggested there') but will post it here:

There are FIVE DVDR formats. Each have been implemented in such a way on set-top recorders that they have 'features' associated with them:

The closest their will ever be to a standard DVDR format. DVD-R recording is found on ALL DVD-RAM and DVD-RW machines. In short any machine not by Philips, Thompson or minor Chinese brands (such as Mico) have DVD-R recording. DVD-R will play in virtually all existing DVD players but once full cannot be re-used. There is no editting facilities available.

This format is supported by Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, Samsung, LG and Hitachi. It has numerous features such as accurate editting, timeslip (watch a programme whilst it's still recording) and flexible record (the ability to maximise quality by altering the bitrate used so a recording fills the disk). The drawback is that DVD-RAM has very limited compatibility with existing DVD players.

This format is supported by Pioneer, Sony, Sharp (and also JVC and Toshiba who put both RAM and -RW on their machines). It has two recording modes: Video and VR. The former is like DVD-R (i.e. high compatibility but no editting), the latter is like DVD-RAM (although not all machines offer Timeslip on DVD-RW).

This format is supported by Philips, Thompson and numerous Chinese producers (such as Mico, Alba, Bush). Sony also has +RW support on their recorders but does not add the full features of the format. DVD+RW has only one mode of recording which will play in many existing DVD players but has little in the way of editting or features (it's top end model does come with an EPG though). DVD+R is the write-once format of DVD+RW.

If you want to make EDITTED recordings the best option, by far, is a HDD/DVDR combo. This makes the choice of re-writeable DVDR media abit irrelevant as you will primarily only use write-once media (DVD-R) which can be got very cheapily these days (from 50p). The only drawback is that HDD/DVDR combos are expensive (the cheapest being the Toshiba model).

I was looking at a sony dual player (plays both formats of dvd)
The two Sony models, the GX3 and GX7, are good recorders but aren't as 'dual format' as they seem. For one they don't record to DVD+R or DVD-RAM. They only record to DVD-RW, DVD-R and DVD+RW which is fine - but you only get the most out of the machine using DVD-RW. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever but don't buy it simply because it IS dual format. Recorders such as the JVC DMR1 and Toshiba DR1 are also multi-format (DVD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RAM).

But was wondering if there are any other good ones out there?
Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Toshiba all have 'good' DVD recorders out there! Tell us what you want to use it for and we can be more specific in our help, i.e.

- Do you want to share recordings with friends?
- Do you want to archive VHS recordings?
- Do you just want to timeshift on the recorder?
- Do you want to use a Digital Camera with it?

I would also in the future(not to far away) buy a digital camcorder (sony)
Ensure then you machine has an iLink connection. The only Sony model with this is the GX7 but there are numerous others, e.g. Panasonic E60, JVC DMR1, Pioneer 3100 etc.

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