Buying a dvd player for use on a plasma


I need some help, i'm replacing my Pioneer 606D dvd player which i have had for nearly six years. It's served me very well but i feel now i have a 42inch plasma i may be able to get a better performance from a new player, i also fancy checking out dvd audio and super audio cd's.
I have around three hundred pounds but can stretch to five hundred if i think or am convinced by the forum to do so. I am in the middle of building a extension to my house and simply have no time to demo anything, but i'm desperate to make a purchase.
My plasma is a hitachi 42pD3000 which is as we all know a ALIS panel but i still want my new player to be Prog Scan compliant in some way even if it's only ntsc ps(I mainly buy R1 discs)
I do like the looks of the pioneer 565 and it's cheap which is a bonus and it seems to be a well regarded player, the new Cambridge Audio Azur 540D has also caught my eye but i'm unsure if a multiregion version is available or do i go for something a bit more expensive like a Denon 2200 and if so will the performance justify the extra cost.
I won't be using my new player for two channel stereo as i have a Arcam cd player for that so what would you suggest, i have the kef kHT2005.2 speaker package and a Yamaha 730 receiver if that has any bearing.
What would you shortlist, is the pionner 565 as good as a mid range player gets or should i be looking elsewhere ???



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Well I have the Hitachi 400E and have just bought the Denon 2900. I'm going to be feeding the plasma with PS when I get the lead. Although it is an ALiS screen I'm lead to believe the a good PS DVD like the Denon should yeild slightly better pics using the PS. As to DVDA and SACD the Denon is sublime and if you are going to explore this new Hi Def world of Hi-Fi then I'd suggest getting the Denon 2200 at least. Can be cot for £450 or so I believe. It won't be as good as the Denon 2900 for sound (similare on the picture front) but should be better than the Pioneer as you would expect for twice the price!


ask for the player to be dem'd on that screen if possible, it's all personal preference!


Hi, I have just bought a 42PD3000 and got a marantz dv4300, unfortunatly the progressive scan did not appear to work with this screen. Hi have heard the Denon should work, any advice from others with this plasma. Also you mention aLIS, can somebody explain the significance of this. Thanks

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ALIS panels are inherently interlaced so any PS signal put through them would be interlaced by the panel anyway. They cannot show a progressive or deinterlaced image. However, a lot of people with the Hitachis do say that they seem to see a better image with a progressive signal. But it may not be as a significant improvement compared to any of the naturally progressive displays.

I hope thats right but no doubt others can expand on that:)

oops - just been reading some stuff on the plasma forum and it looks like I might be slightly wide of the mark on this. Best idea is to pop into the plasma forum and do a search for ALIS - theres loads of info on there.


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I have the 42pd3000 and a denon 2900 and get excellent results, cant see much diff between the interlaced and progressive images though. Very impressive either way!

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