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    I am going on holiday to The Canary Islands in March
    Can anyone tell me if I would save money by purchasing a Camcorder out there, also are there any down sides to doing this

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    Yes, you will get it cheaper than UK high street.

    However, remember that a large part of the saving is due to them being sold at tax and duty free prices in the Canaries.

    You can of course smuggle the camera back, but if you declare it at customs then these savings will be wiped out.

    A legal alternative is to buy a camera at the UK airport on the way out where you can benefit from 'tax free' prices.
    I bought a Sony PC9 at Dixons at Heathrow for £849, when the cheapest I could find mail order or on the net was £877 plus shipping. And the airport price was UK tax and duty paid, so no customs hassles.

    The only problem with this is the airport you are flying from. Some of the smaller regional charter based airports don't have much shopping.

    Also, whilst you will find the same cameras on sale in the Canaries as the UK, you will also find models some that are not. I don't know, but you could possibly have problems with maintenance on a non-EU model should it go wrong. Check the model designations very carefully. They may look the same model, but have slightly different letters/numbers.

    This is also one way that the customs officers will know if you bought the camera in the UK or not. They have lists of model and serial numbers for 'official' UK camera. So it hard to pretend that you bought it in the UK.

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