Question Buying a DAP in Hong Kong/ Singapore?


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Off on travels next week and (thanks to my unreliable Cowon) am currently without a dedicated DAP. I could make do with the phone for the outgoing journey although I want one in the long run anyhow. I'm currently undecided on which to buy and am looking at models from the Fiio X3 MK2 right the way up to the A&K Jnr/ AK100 II or possibly Sony ZX2 (certainly too pricey for me at UK prices).

My options are to either:

1/ Buy a Fiio X3 Mk2 NOW
2/ Wait until I get to Hong Kong (or latterly Singapore) and make a purchase there.

From the little research I've done thus far, it doesn't seem that the Fiio stuff is that much cheaper over there, but the Sony and the A&K stuff would *appear* to be considerably lower in price.

Anyone with any knowledge of Hong Kong (or Singapore) recommend reputable stores for me to look for any of these (or electronics gear in general) whilst I'm there?


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Getting interested in the new Sony NW-ZX100: seems like it's a bit cheaper in Singapore than in Hong Kong though (according to Sony store prices)...

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Not been myself but these headphone places are on my future list alongside swim with dolphins

Jaben Singapore - Headphones | Earphones | Audio | Singapore
Sennheiser Concept Store (Marina Square)

Funnily, it wasn't until reading this that i recalled that i once swam with Dolphins. I do remember thinking it was amazing at the time now i reminisce but given that this is the first time in about 15 years, i'd be sure to go and visit the headphone shops, then go swimming with Dolphins in case you wanted any advice as to what order to tackle your list in :D

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